A peek at the privacy project Iron Fish from the background

1. Technical introduction Iron Fish is an easy-to-operate privacy protection trading platform based on Web3 technology. Whitepaper: https://ironfish.network/docs/whitepaper/1_introduction Selling point: 1, No super technical background is required, everyone can use it 2, with top encryption method 3, Available for audit by financial institutions Its purpose is mainly to solve the pain […]

A quick look at the features, technology and planning of Iron Fish, a new privacy public chain

The concept of privacy coins or anonymous coins has undergone many iterations and updates in the cryptocurrency market. From the early Zcash, Monero, to the later Grin, Beam, and the recently publicized Iron Fish project, they all try to combine privacy and privacy. The property of anonymity is directly given […]

ASAPool,ASAPool,a high-yield mining pool focusing on the privacy coins

Before the main network of Aleo was launched, it received up to 200 million US dollars of investment from A16Z, Softbank, Samsung NEXT and other venture capital institutions. Now Aleo’s valuation has reached 1.4 billion US dollars! The ironfish of the same privacy track received investment from Sequoia Capital and […]

A new generation of aggregated Web3 application platform ForMetas has established an ecological partnership with Cocos-BCX

BlockBeats news, on December 16, according to official news, ForMetas, a new generation of convergent Web3 application platform, and GameFi Service Provider Cocos-BCX officially reached a strategic cooperation and joined the Cocos-BCX ecosystem. Users can directly participate in the Cocos-BCX ecosystem through ForMetas, and at the same time, they can […]

Looking for high-quality Web3 projects on BNB Chain in December

Let’s look for high-quality Web3 projects on BNB Chain this month. The projects introduced next include various fields such as DeFi, GameFi and even ultra-realistic 3D virtual character avatars. They were selected as the monthly stars in December. TapFantasy  Fantasy Metaverse, a virtual version of the acclaimed MMORPG Tap Tap […]


BlockBeats 消息,12 月 16 日,据官方消息,新一代聚合性 Web3 应用平台 ForMetas 与 GameFi Service Provider Cocos-BCX 正式达成战略合作,加入 Cocos-BCX 生态。 用户可以通过 ForMetas 直接参与到 Cocos-BCX 生态之中,同时可以通过$Cocos 支付来玩 ForMetas 上的多款游戏。未来双方就游戏、泛娱乐等多方面将展开更深度的合作,共同推进 Web3 的大规模应用落地。 ForMetas 正打造一个为用户提供流畅且沉浸式娱乐体验的聚合性 Web3 应用平台。目标是建立一站式枢纽,用户在一个平台内即可以快速、安全、无需许可的、具有激励的和去中心化的方式获得各种娱乐资源,包括但不限于多款链游、直播、社交、元宇宙和 AR/VR 等应用。第一款游戏 Gloryland 目前正在内测,预计 2023 年 1 月正式上线。 原文翻译自 BlockBeats https://www.theblockbeats.info/flash/119786